Daulton, H. Coleman

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Bobo, Mary
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Louisville and Nashville Railroad
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A Male High School graduate, Daulton's father was with the carman's union. Coleman Daulton started working for the L&N in the passenger department. He worked in the City Passenger Agent's office in the Starks Building. Stayed until cutback and worked for a while at the Andrews-Collins Company. Returned to the L&N in the personnel department where he remained for several years. Moved to the vice president's office as accident report clerk. Became secretary for assistant vice president R.C. Parsons. With this position Daulton traveled extensively throughout the entire L&N system, attended yearly stockholders' and director's meetings. Career experience with the L&N as assistant and then superintendent of safety began about 1950. This position began with three safety inspectors (maintenance of way, mechanical, and transportation) but gradually lost all three. Daulton was then given duties of head of freight loss and damage prevention when the department head retired. Changes came about when C.H. Sanderson joined the L&N. From 1972-1975 additional backing was given the Safety Department to accomplish its work. Accomplishments and programs of the department over the years (safety shoes, head protection, earmuffs, comprehensive rulebook replaced numerous sections put out by various departments). Emphasis on the importance of the red book on chemicals to the railroad in time of danger. L&N company policy of promoting men through the ranks and the effect this had. Thought on effects of reversing this policy. Family background of many people deeply involved in the L&N Railroad and how this relates to settlement of different areas in Louisville. Newsletter of national safety organization and Daulton's relation to it. Sections on early days in the L&N when traveling with Parsons and later experiences under C.S. Sanderson. Relationship between the Safety Department and the Claims Department (Law). Procedure when an injury took place. Important safety improvements for railroad.
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