Early, Charlie and Lott, Anita

120 minutes
Standridge, Elizabeth
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Home is Not A House
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Charlie Early and Anita Lott are a non-romantic couple that met while Anita was experiencing homelessness and Charlie was living with his sister. Anita was born in Mississippi and married twice. Through her second marriage she was exposed to the real estate business and learned how to make money buying, selling and renting out properties. After a bad investment she was bankrupt and without means so she became homeless. During this time she was arrested for prostitution and sought protection in various men as she says homelessness is especially dangerous for women. Charlie Early was living with his sister when he met Anita. He left her home to help Anita as long as she promised to only do the right thing from then on. Together they lived under bridges, and in boxes in various cities in Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas in search of housing and healthcare. They finally traveled to Louisville where they were able to get some aid from St. John Center, the Coalition for the Homeless, and Forgotten Louisville. Finally they were able to be housing through St. John Center's Permanent Supportive Housing Program. (Although this is an all male program, Anita is allowed to stay as well.) Together they rely their experiences with the Permanent Supportive Housing Program, homelessness, police officers, street violence, mental illness, barriers to housing, and their experience with other homeless individuals.
Housing, Homelessness, Shelters for the Homeless