Goodrow, Henry

16 mins.
O'Daniel, Hannah
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Goodrow grew up in the West End of Louisville, Kentucky. He attended St. Columba Catholic School and Flaget High School in Louisville. He served in the Marine Corps (1956-1959) in Puerto Rico and North Carolina. He attended the University of Louisville and Bellarmine University for undergraduate education. His past employment included factory work at Bryan Williamson, salesman for Donnellson Bakery, National Life and Insurance Company, and the Louisville Water Company. A retired Middletown firefighter, he currently is an instructor for Region 6 of the Kentucky Fire Commission. Henry Goodrow speaks about growing up in the West End of Louisville, Kentucky. He describes the Parkland neighborhood’s past industries, businesses, shops, and demographics. He tells of the cause and results of the Parkland Riot. He discusses white prejudice against blacks in the 1950s and 1960s. He describes negative perceptions of the West End and contemporary challenges that Parkland faces. He concludes with thoughts on what is needed to improve Parkland. Interview index and summary available
Parkland (Louisville, Ky.), African Americans--Kentucky--Louisville, 1968 Parkland Uprising