Hanley, Margaret Lee

60 minutes
Bobo, Mary
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Louisville and Nashville Railroad
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Early life and jobs before joining the L&N Railroad. Secretary for general claims agent then general claims attorney. L&N in 1945: still a man's world. Ms. Hanley replaced a man. Explanation of claims department hierarchy and types of general claims work. Percentages of accidents and types of accidents. Description of several executives in the general claims division of the law department. Other divisions include commerce and general law (mortgages, deeds, and release agreements). Approximately 16 attorneys in 1945 and 14 in 1980; 15 outside District Attorneys and four staff plus local attorneys and medical staff consisting of 16 district surgeons and surgeons of present. Secretary for HW Willen, general claims attorney, about 1953 on. Tilford is the president being discussed. About 1960 Ms. Hanley began working for Milton H. Smith, II. Commerce department handles abandonment problems: L&N must get permission from ICC for closure of any tracks, branches, etc. Recollections of JJ Donohue, Mary Barnett (secretary), HW Willen, WJ Creclius, and Jim M. Terry. Hostess responsibilities: board of directors luncheon, retirement party for JE Tilford and later for WL Grubbs and CS Sanderson. Wrote the correspondent's column for the law department for 20 yrs. There was a very involved system to record keeping. Medical section very valuable because of the payments of bills. Participation by L&N in various projects: Dessie Scott Children's Home, Matilda Fund for L&N families, Once-a-year Solicitation plan, L&N Cooperative Club. Explanation of the 10th floor prestige: legal department on west end and executive department on east end. Working for Milton H. Smith, son of Sidney Smith, VP and grandson of Milton Hannibal Smith, president of L&N 1884-1886 and 1891-1921. Moving considerations to Jacksonville, Florida: tax, insurance and accounting. No plans at present to move the law department. Opportunities open to young people now that were closed 30 years ago. Organizations Hanley is actively involved with, women's movement into industry.
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