Henderson, Harold Willard

120 minutes.
Bobo, Mary
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Louisville and Nashville Railroad
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This interview covers Henderson's education, the short time he spent with the Tennessee Central, and completing his education. Started with NC&StL as secretary then on to the Claims Division. Came to the L&N as an attorney in position of assistant to the general counsel. Depression years. Background of NC&StL and its relationship to the L&N. Differences and commonalities between the two railroads. Size of the law staff at L&N much larger. Comments on the law staff here. 1955 strike and the job that Henderson manned during the strike in Centralized Traffic Control (CTC). Comments on law hearing that involved William L. Grubbs (tapes 801-802). Tax ratio study that was worked on in Washington DC and New York City. 1960's: Began legislative activities as they related to the L&N railroad. Questions, problems, litigation. Procedure for setting up legislative activities. Activities with the state government. Example of government/Lamp;N cooperation was the moving of the tracks in Lexington, Kentucky. Explanation of Henderson's broadened activities from 1968 on. In 1968 he was made general attorney in charge of all legislative activities in 13 states (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and North Carolina among them). Collection of accounts and filing litigation. Comments on Board of Directors resolutions, work as assistant to Chief Counsel William L. Grubbs, and other subjects. Some cases of importance to Henderson's work career: L&N v. Southern Railway, State of Georgia case, and suit against the Cleancoal Company. Changes over the years.
Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company, Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company--Employees, Railroad law, Lawyers