Jones-Clay, Carolle

84 min.
Pace, Mary
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Clay describes a protected and nurturing childhood at Sheppard Square. She describes the Presbyterian Community Center (PCC) as pivotal to her and the neighborhood, a place her mother trusted. Clay recounts a shooting at Meyzeek Middle School. Her strongest memories are of people coming home from work, helpful neighbors, and mentors at her schools and at PCC. She recalls people bringing food baskets to her home and understanding that her life was different from others. Clay talks about changes in the community: residents became frustrated, crime and unemployment increased. She talks of the juxtaposition of her story in that her mother worked in the restrooms at Churchill Downs and years later, in 2004, Clay chaired the Kentucky Derby Festival. She hopes the new community supports the PCC because every child, regardless of family income, needs a safe refuge outside of their home.
Sheppard Square (Housing project : Louisville, Ky.), Louisville Metropolitan Housing Authority (Louisville, Ky.), Smoketown (Louisville, Ky.), African American neighborhoods – Kentucky – Louisville, Presbyterian Community Center (Louisville, Ky.), Childhood development, Public housing – Kentucky – Louisville, Housing authorities – Kentucky – Louisville