Kendall, William H.

120 minutes.
Bobo, Mary
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Louisville and Nashville Railroad
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Mr. Kendall's experiences prior to joining the L&N: Pennsylvania Atlantic Coast Line; and the Clinchfield railroads. 1954 Assistant to L&N president John Tilford, just prior to 1955 strike. Some reflections on the strike and its effect on the railroad. Improvement of labor relations from that point on. Merger of NC&StL in 1957; groundwork done before Kendall came to L&N. Board of Directors of L&N and ACL under the chairmanship of ALM Wiggins. Gradual change in makeup of the board continuing until the late 1960s. Change in meeting place and financial offices. Technological changes, the diesel and its importance to the railroad. Steam elimination and the adaptability of personnel. Modernization of the yards: Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham and DeCoursey. Increase of tonnage made modernization necessary. Replacement cars and increased capacity of carriers. Investment tax credits for new purchases. Decline in passenger service, poor financial return, coming of Amtrack. Consolidation period and cooperation in common areas for saving among the Family Lines under the Seaboard Coast Lines. Plans for retirement and process of selection of successor, Prime Osborn. Background for his present partnership with Cleancoal Terminals. Kendall's association with various directorates. Brief description of family life during these years. Development of young talent within an organization.
Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company, Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company--Employees, Railroads--Management