Love, Carl Ardary

120 minutes
Bobo, Mary
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Louisville and Nashville Railroad
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Father with L&N as master mechanic. Early experience as roadman, then as special apprentice in the South Louisville shops. Description of the South Louisville shops, JW Adams and the Roundhouse. Areas of interest included the dynamonica car and car equipment. Differences in the division terrain and the movement of engineers to divisions. Description of different round houses. Involvement in shipping material for war. Return to Louisville in 1948 as assistant master mechanic and promotion to general master mechanic. Building period in 1948 to make changes from war years. Changes to be made in car shop facilities and diesel repair. Boilermakers disappeared and electricians increased. Thoughts on the railroad fraternity, the sharing of knowledge and the competition among manufacturers of diesel locomotives. This tape deals with various innovations and types of cars needed for the more modern railroad, derailment considerations, test track, suppliers and the AAR (American Association of Railroads).
Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company, Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company--Employees, Railroad repair shops