Pandey, Iswari

77 minutes
Hays, Ian
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University of Louisville Writing Center Oral Histories
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Dr. Iswari Pandey was a graduate student at UofL from 2000-2006. He describes the journey that led him to working in UofL’s Writing Center as a MA student and the learning curve he experienced working as a writing consultant for the first time. After completing his undergraduate and first graduate degree in Nepal, Iswari came to UofL and worked in the newly renovated tutoring facility under Dr. Carol Mattingly. He discusses how a compliment regarding his work with students, in addition to a series of gratifying circumstances helping writers, led him away from his primary interest in literary theory and on a career path in rhetoric and composition. After completing his MA, Iswari transferred to the PhD program at UofL and describes the role he played performing research for the National Writing Center Research Project—an endeavor that collected data on writing centers to assist newly forming departments establish themselves—and how his research turned into a publication for the Writing Center Journal. Iswari witnessed some of the first virtual appointments at the Writing Center and talks about adapting appointments to meet the needs of students in digital consultations. As a graduate student during a time digital use was growing, particularly with the rise in popularity of social media, Iswari details his thoughts on how digital writing has changed the way people think about rhetoric and writing practices.
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