Royer, Robert

72 minutes
Book, Cassandra
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University of Louisville Writing Center Oral Histories
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Dr. Robert Royer is a graduate of the English MA and PhD program. After he graduated from UofL with his bachelor's degree, he worked in the English department's Basic Writing Program, starting in 1979. When he first started in the "Writing Clinic" (later called the "writing center"), it was located in the basement of the Humanities building. Eventually he started in the English MA program as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and he continued to work in the Basic Writing Program. He describes two models of the basic program: 1) instruction to approximately 15 students alongside breakout tutoring groups 2) workshop-style courses for 12-15 students. Dr. Royer also describes how, as a PhD student, he became interested in Computers and Writing and taught the first Basic Writing course using computer correspondence. He also talks about other tutoring at UofL at the time, including the Language Lab and with the Black Student Union. Dr. Royer believes his time in the writing center was extremely formative for him as a graduate student and writing teacher. He recalls the camaraderie of the staff and names Wanda Martin, Hepzibah Roskelly, Judith Killen, Kate Ronald, and Susan Helgeson as fellow staff members. He felt that they were given a degree of autonomy to enact the programs and pedagogy.
Writing centers, Information literacy