Sanderson, C.S.

120 minutes.
Bobo, Mary
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Louisville and Nashville Railroad
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Early Life and education, immediate employment with the Atlantic Coast Line, description of the railroad in those early years, difficulty of building track through swamp, Florida still a very underdeveloped area. Move to Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and years with the Charleston and Western Carolina railroad through the Depression years and on to Augusta, Georgia. Experience with the military railway service for 13 years. A very good description of the railroad's role in the conduct of World War II. Includes General Patton's operation and working the troop supplies across Europe. Techniques brought back to the Atlantic Coast Line. Continued innovations brought from Europe. Return to civilian life and the ACL headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina, and various positions held by Sanderson. Leadership of the ACL of Mac Davis, the Delano family, and then ALM Wiggins to consolidate some areas of operation. Historical background of the ACL and the L&N's connection with the Clinchfield railroad. Interstate Commerce Commission's stipulations concerning the lease. Clinchfield has for many years been under the influence of the Norfolk & Western railroad. Wiggins brought the railroad into its present importance. Modernization of the Clinchfield during Sanderson's years as general manager (1954-1962). Continued dieselization of the Clinchfield and descriptive passages on the people and the area covered by this railroad. Move to L&N in 1962 as General Manager. Was able to take part in the continuing modernization of the L&N. Description of the difference in the terrain and maintenance considerations on the ACL and the L&N. Positive aspects that Sanderson noted from the beginning of his experience with the L&N. The handling of chemicals as it relates historically.
Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company, Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company--Management, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company, World war, 1939-1945--Transportation