White, Robert Calvin

120 minutes.
Bobo, Mary
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Louisville and Nashville Railroad
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Early years in Louisville and his marriage. Circumstances surrounding his employment at L&N. Different cooks that he worked with on the L&N diners. Method of cooking and stocking diners, types of equipment, coal burning stoves, and resupply procedures. Menu and effects of World War II on the regular menu. Differences in hours before and after the union took over workers. Description of away quarters and monetary considerations on layovers. Changes by unionization - gains offset cutbacks. Public relations very minimal therefore no negative racial aspects of his job. Special runs such as trips to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and Chamber of Commerce trips to eastern and western Kentucky. Differences in manning special runs. Attachment to executive office and worked as porter by night to be free for private cars in the daytime. White's experiences at the Murphy House: guests, description of the house and methods of entertaining. Living arrangements for the White family while assigned to the Murphy House; furnishings and day-to-day considerations for care of the house. Pleasures of working with various individuals connected with the L&N railroad. Reasons behind family feeling of L&N employees. Diner allotment and term "dead-end" explained. Swing shift explained; crews per diner, variety of diners, types of fuel used to fire stoves and the duration of meals.
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