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0:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: ... of the crew that is interviewing different members of the Jewish community in Louisville, Kentucky, for the oral history project that is cosponsored by the Louisville Jewish Community Federation and the University of Louisville.

Segment Synopsis: Interviewer Laura Koby (Mueller's granddaughter) briefly states the purpose of the oral history project and the name of the interviewee.

0:35 - Biographical and family information

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Partial Transcript: Grandma, what's the date of your birth?

Segment Synopsis: Born on September 27, 1884, in Louisville, to Harry and Pauline Isaacs, whose families had emigrated from Germany and England. Recalls her father's employment as a cigar maker and whiskey peddler. Discusses early residences and education, and mentions brothers attending the Brith Sholom Hebrew school.

Keywords: German Jews; Harry Issacs; Market Street (Louisville, Ky.); Pauline Coblens Isaacs; Phoenix Hill (Louisville, Ky.)

Subjects: Jewish peddlers; Jews--Migrations; United States--Emigration and immigration

4:52 - Brith Sholom I: Childhood

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Partial Transcript: What temple was that [where your family were members]?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about family's longtime membership at Brith Sholom, which her maternal grandfather helped found, and where she attended Hebrew school and Sunday school and was confirmed. Recounts a scandal involving an early rabbi (prior to Rabbi Mueller) at Brith Sholom who barred two sisters from attending Sunday school because they had a non-Jewish parent.

Keywords: Conservative Judaism; Intermarriage; Rabbi Ignatius Mueller; Reform Judaism; Zachariah Coblens

Subjects: Children of interfaith marriage; Confirmation (Jewish rite); Jewish religious education of children; Synagogues--Kentucky

9:27 - Early life and marriage

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Partial Transcript: Let's go back now, a little bit more about the areas that you lived in.

Segment Synopsis: Recalls the residences and Jewish institutions that were part of her early life. Mentions her father's work in the whiskey business and her maternal grandfather's work in the candy business. Briefly notes wedding to Henry Mueller of Cincinnati on June 12, 1906.

Keywords: Brith Sholom; Hebrew school; Market Street (Louisville, Ky.); Phoenix Hill (Louisville, Ky.); Preston Street (Louisville, Ky.); Young Men's Hebrew Association (YMHA); Zachariah Coblens

Subjects: Jews--Commerce

13:22 - Philanthropic activities and World War I

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Partial Transcript: You and grandpa, Henry Mueller, took your place at Brith Sholom at that time also. Were you active in the temple?

Segment Synopsis: Recalls serving as the president of the Brith Sholom Sisterhood and as a board member and membership chairman of the National Council of Jewish Women, Louisville Section. Discusses volunteering at the hospital at Camp Taylor during World War I.

Keywords: Belle Zellner; Blanche Ottenheimer; Camp Zachary Taylor; National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)

Subjects: Women in charitable work; Women in synagogues; World War, 1914-1918--War work

17:48 - Brith Sholom II: Adulthood

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Partial Transcript: What did people do for entertainment?

Segment Synopsis: Describes programs and activities sponsored by the Brith Sholom Sisterhood, including an annual carnival and a minstrel show. Recalls that her husband and one son served as presidents of Brith Sholom, another son served as treasurer, and her mother organized the Brith Sholom Sewing Circle. Remembers little to no relations between Brith Sholom and other congregations.

Keywords: Adath Israel; Blackface; Charles Mueller; Daniel Mueller; Harry Mueller; Reform Judaism

Subjects: Minstrel shows; Synagogue fund raising; Synagogues--Kentucky; Women in synagogues

22:22 - Residences

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Partial Transcript: Well, let's talk now and see if we can't tie a lot of this together. After you married, you lived where?

Segment Synopsis: Recalls various addresses at which she and her husband lived, including neighborhoods with few to no other Jews. Discusses schools that her sons attended.

Keywords: Gavin H. Cochran Elementary School; Highlands (Louisville, Ky.); Old Louisville (Louisville, Ky.); Phoenix Hill (Louisville, Ky.); Young Men's Hebrew Association (YMHA)

Subjects: Jefferson County Public Schools; Jewish neighborhoods

25:55 - Jewish Welfare Board and World War I

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Partial Transcript: You mentioned over lunch something about the Jewish Welfare Board. I know we're going back a period in time, but that was during the First World War?

Segment Synopsis: Provides additional information about volunteering at the hospital at Camp Taylor during World War I.

Keywords: Camp Zachary Taylor

Subjects: Women in charitable work; World War, 1914-1918--Jews; World War, 1914-1918--War work

27:00 - Children and schooling

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Partial Transcript: Your children are in Cochran School, and you're living out on Hill Street.

Segment Synopsis: Discusses children's education, including stories of their bad behavior.

Keywords: Daniel Mueller; Gavin H. Cochran Elementary School

Subjects: Jefferson County Public Schools

28:58 - Jewish neighbors and notables

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Partial Transcript: I know this is going to be very helpful to the university, because they want to get an area-wise [understanding of] how people moved around.

Segment Synopsis: Recalls the Jewish character of the neighborhood in which she grew up, including various Jewish neighbors. Discusses attending services at Brith Sholom on Friday nights and Saturdays. Mentions a couple of notable members of the Jewish community, including the founder of the Herman Meyer & Son funeral home. Also tells a funny story about catching a friend's grandfather visiting his mistress.

Keywords: Herman Meyer; Isaac Lederman; Joseph Newberger; Phoenix Hill (Louisville, Ky.); Preston Street (Louisville, Ky.); Sabbath; Shabbat; Simon Lion

Subjects: Jewish businesspeople; Jewish neighborhoods; Reform Judaism--United States; Synagogues--Kentucky

33:20 - Living and working in the Highlands

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Partial Transcript: Can you think of anything else that might be informative? Can you remember when the Jewish community did start to move out to the Highlands?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses moving to the Highlands in 1923, before many Jews lived there. Also discusses Henry Mueller & Sons, the family-owned bed and bedding business, which opened shortly before the Great Depression.

Keywords: Bardstown Road (Louisville, Ky.); Tyler Park (Louisville, Ky.)

Subjects: Depressions--1929--United States; Family-owned business enterprises; Jewish businesspeople; Louisville (Ky.)--Commerce