Distilling Industry in Kentucky

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Dr. Hatch and Dr. Carpenter are chemists and executive director and executive director, retired from the Distillers Feed Research Council. They discuss the Council, its funding and its research projects, which include work on the B-complex vitamins, distillery by products, animal nutrition; also discusses cooperation among researchers.
Hawes was the predecessor of Edwin Foote, master distiller at Old Fitzgerald Distillery. He talks about the history of the company, brand names, the job of master distiller, labor and personnel problems.
Mrs. Hawes, a machine operator at Brown-Forman, talks about line work in the bottling department and of women in the plant; discusses changes in product and in job atmosphere.
Henderson discusses the chemical, taste, and quality control aspects of distilling. Also discusses new product development and marketing.
Hoge, retired Brown-Forman advertising executive discusses marketing strategies on a regional basis and with control and non-control states; acquisition of Jack Daniel's and other products; the Distilled Spirits Institute and Owsley Brown.
As an employee in the engineering department of Brown-Forman, he discusses sanitary changes after World War II, capacity changes and water facilities. The interview also refers to the automation process implemented in the early 1940s and 1950s, as well as memories of various other employees.
A former Brown-Forman account executive and credit manager, Johnson discusses financing a distillery, working with banks, self-insurance pools, pension plans, and labor-management relations.
A sectional manager for Seagrams, Kahn talks about Seagrams' Louisville, Kentucky operation, cost saving devices installed, the personalities involved, including Fred Wilkie and Sam Brofmann; and unionization of the Louisville plant.
Ms. Keene is office manager of Barton Brands Distillery and discusses women in the distilling industry and her the duties of her own position.
Discusses Schenley Industries, cooperage issues, and the distilling industry in general; Kleier was the former cooperage manager/superintendent for Schenley and Ancient Age Distillers.