Distilling Industry in Kentucky

Mr. Knopf is former vice president of Brown-Forman Distilleries. He talks about the industries cycles and the different distillery products.
Levitch, president of Crown distributors/wholesalers discusses the wholesale liquor business as it is practiced in Kentucky, Kentucky's political system, fair trade legislation, and the production tax and its affect on the industry.
Former president of Brown-Forman, Lucas talks of his involvement with the company from his first job in 1935 to his retirement in 1976. Talks about plant modernization, union activities, purchases such as Jack Daniel's, and the making of bourbon.
Luckett, a truck driver with Brown-Forman, describes his job, the changes which have taken place, and unions.
Interview concerns distilling and cooperage aspects of the industry, with special attention to the Schenley Company and Ancient Age Distillery; also discusses large vs. small distillers and brand predictions and marketing.
Meeks, of Independent Stave Company, Lebanon, Kentucky discusses the cooperage industry, from both the independent side and from the distiller's view; he is a past official with the Cooperage Association and talks about that industry group. He also worked for Seagrams.
Miles, assistant manager, Maker's Mark, Loretto, Kentucky, discusses his own job; effects of Maker's Mark on the community; and future of bourbon industry.
Mr. Morehead, is a retired advertising executive from Brown-Forman. He talks about the "old" days from 1931 on and his friendship with the Brown family. He also discusses his career in the advertising department.
Mr. Moreman is the chief counsel for Brown-Forman. He discusses legal changes in the industry, patents, and the industry's position with congress.
Morris, former Brown-Forman vice president and general counsel, was also president of Canadian Mist and a Distilled Spirits Institute (DSI) official. His discussion gives special attention to legal issues of the industry and his work with DSI.