Jefferson County School Integration

As publisher of the Courier-Journal in the 1970s he recounts the coverage of busing through the news media in Louisville. Discusses the weekly editorial conferences and research involved in taking a position of the paper on busing.
The Louisville Times editor on the process of school desegregation in Louisville.
Biographical information of Judge Gordon and an account of the history of preliminary cases of desegregation in Louisville and in Jefferson County.
U.S. Marshall of the Western district of Kentucky describes his responsibilities and the process of carrying out school desegregation order in Louisville.
The former city editor of the Courier-Journal discusses the newspaper's coverage of Louisville's school integration process in the 1970s.
Former principal of Warner Junior High School describes inner city public school in Louisville during the 1970s. As a school counselor during the 1970s she discusses the duties of teaching staff and the school board in building good school environments d
As reporter for the Louisville Times Hill describes the anti-busing sentiment in Louisville while he was assigned the police beat during desegregation in the 1970s.
Former county judge describes political and legal issues of school desegregation in Jefferson County.
City school board member during busing litigation describes the process of school integration in Louisville.
A parent involved in school desegregation plan describes her experience as a member of the Human Relations Network coordinated during the merger of school systems in Louisville.