Jefferson County School Integration

Staff member of the Jefferson County School System of 1975 remembers her position as president of the state PTA board and member of the Community and Human Relations department during school integration.
Executive director of Kentucky Human Rights Commission describes early initiatives in the process of desegregation in Kentucky. Reviews the state and community leadership during school integration and his perspective on Human rights' programs of the 1970
Former Chief of Police of the city of Louisville remembers preparation of the city police force for school desegregation process and recounts law enforcement activities and incidents.
An African American family discusses their experiences in living in the East End during integration years.
Judge Peck, U. S. Court of Appeals, describes school segregation cases in the 6th Circuit Court from 1954, through the school desegregation suits of Jefferson County, 1975.
Parent and school bus driver remembers the first months of busing in Jefferson County.
A member of Save Our Community Schools (SOCS), an anti-busing organization describes her resistance to busing in the 1970s and her subsequent election to the Jefferson County School Board in 1974 as a result.
Lead counsel for the plaintiffs of Louisville school desegregation describes the suit against the state and discusses actions taken by the courts in the final ruling handed down in 1975.
Former Mayor of Louisville remembers the process of school integration in Jefferson County.
Legal counsel for Louisville school board remembers school integration case in Louisville.