Louisville Orchestra Interviews

The Louisville Orchestra - its developments, the commissioning program, and its successes. Also covers Mrs. Kain's life and that of her husband, Richard Kain, an English professor at the University of Louisville.
Korda, who headed the Dwight Anderson Memorial Library at the University of Louisville's School of Music from 1947 through 1988 and played viola for the Louisville Orchestra for more than forty years, discusses her career in music and librarianship.
Dr. Noer, past professor and chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Louisville and past president of the board of directors of the Louisville Orchestra, talks about his life in Louisville and his work with the Louisville Orchestra. Transcription only.
Memoir of Jean B. Tachau on the musical life in Louisville from 1900 to 1970. She talks about prominent people, musical societies, and the problems which arose in those years.
The former conductor of the Louisville Orchestra discusses music and its history in Louisville.
Continuation of tape #26 interview on the history of the Louisville Orchestra and the personal career of Robert S. Whitney.
Whitney discusses the history of the Louisville Orchestra and his personal career. This includes composing and conducting.