University of Louisville Writing Center Oral Histories

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Dr. Carolyn Skinner earned her PhD in the English department in 2006, where she also served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA). As a GTA, she served as an Assistant Director of the University Writing Center, focused on Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) (2003-2005). Dr. Skinner describes tutoring in the UofL School of Nursing, the "revelation" of working with international students, and how she intervened in the middle of a students' writing process. She also describes conducting in-class workshops as the WAC Assistant Director. She describes the heavy emphasis on printing student drafts and walk-in appointments, compared to the laptops and online appointment scheduling of many writing centers today. Dr. Skinner worked with several colleagues to write an article on the Writing Center Research Project (WCRP) data collected during her time at UofL. Dr. Skinner is currently an Associate Professor of English and Writing Program Administrator at The Ohio State University, Mansfield.
Dr. Ashly Bender Smith earned her PhD in the English department at UofL in 2015, where she held a position as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA). As a GTA, she served as a writing consultant and, later, Assistant Director of the University Writing Center (2012-2014). She later worked at the UofL the College of Business as a BizComm writing consultant. She describes how writing center work in multiple settings, but particularly with Bronwyn Williams, has informed her ethos in providing feedback and understanding students as developmental writers. As an Assistant Director, she worked with Adam Robinson and Barrie Olsen to revise the website and online resources. Bender Smith describes how she came up with the "How I Write" blog series and recruiting some of the early guest authors for it, including Mike Rutherford and James Ramesey. She describes participating and leading several early Dissertation Writing Retreats and "Kick Back in the Stacks" events. She speaks fondly of her interactions with Bronwyn Williams as a Writing Center Director and dissertation advisor. She also speaks fondly of her work with Adam Robinson, Robin Blacket, Barrie Olsen, Amy Nichols, Carly Johnson, and Jessica Winck.
Dr. Jessica Winck discusses her work in the University Writing Center