Actors Theatre of Louisville

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Financial advisor for Theatre Louisville, 1963-1964; Treasurer of merged Actors Theatre of Louisville (ATL), 1964-1969; ATL Board Member, 1980-81; presently CPA in Louisville. Altman's interview covers the years 1963-69.
Actors' Theatre - this tape may be blank
Barry Bingham Jr. is interviewed about Actors Theatre Louisville: its history and his involvement. Mr. Bingham served as president of Theatre Louisville, 1963-1964; vice president of the merged Actors Theatre of Louisville (ATL), 1964; and served as a member of the ATL Board of Directors from 1963 until the time of the interview. Bingham was a member of a major philanthropic family in Louisville. This interview covers the years 1962-1969, and includes discussion of the Humana Festival.
Founder, Theatre Louisville, Inc., 1963. Co-producer/director merged Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1964-65. At time of interview, lived in Woodstock, New York, and did free-lance directing. Block's interview covers the years 1962-1969. First interview covers the years 1974 forward.
Actors' Theatre history.
President of Actors, Inc., 1964- ; president of merged Actors Theatre of Louisville (ATL), 1965-. At the time of the interview, Byck was living and working in California. Byck's (with Cornett) interview covers the years 1964-1966.
Actor, playwright and sister of Susan Kingsley, deceased ATL resident actor on and off 1969-1984. Cardwell's interview deals mostly with Kingsley's entire time with Actors Theatre of Louisville.
Actor-Manager, Actors Theatre of Louisville from 1965-1967; presently lives in Hollywood, California with wife, Jo Deodato, appears on TV and also does TV commercials. Jo was resident actor ATL, 1965-1967. Deodata speaks fairly briefly at the end of the interview; Clark covers opening night at the train station and the years 1965-67.
Founder of Actors, Inc. 1964: Co-Producer/Director merged Actors Theatre of Louisville (ATL) 1964-1965. As of summer 1990, living in Louisville, freelance artistic consultant, and acting at Derby Playhouse, Clarksville, Indiana. Cornett's interview covers the years 1964-1965.
Executive secretary and later receptionist at Actors Theatre of Louisville from 1966-1979. Coy's interview deals with the years 1966-1979, including the first years at the Train Station and the West Main locations.