African American businesspeople

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Former mayor Harvey Sloane provides some personal background and then shares his memories of working with Joe Hammond.
Mr. White discusses his family history as well as the history of the family business, White Printing Co. He also describes the black business district on Walnut Street in the 1950s. He gives his opinions on the problems and the future of black owned businesses.
Mr. White is the founder of the White Printing Company and is the father of Larry F. White, Sr. He discusses his education, graphic art and how his dreams of being an architect were never fulfilled. Also discusses his family history and career and the black business district before urban renewal.
Woods, owner of a barber shop in the 1200 block of old Walnut Street from the 1940s until the area's destruction in the 1960s, discusses his personal history and experiences as a businessman in the Walnut Street area.