African Americans--Economic conditions

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Mrs. Burks is the founder and president of City Plaza Personnel, a black-owned employment agency in Louisville. She discusses her personal history, her difficulties in founding her own business and her opinions on the economic history of blacks in Louisville.
Mrs. Butler is one of Mammoth Life Insurance Company's vice presidents as well as its secretary. She discusses her career and memories of her father, Henry E. Hall, who was one of the founders of the company. She also discusses the Walnut Street black business district and Mammoth Life's building there before the 1965 Urban Renewal program.
Ms. Hickman discusses her personal experiences as a black woman in Louisville. She describes her home life, education, and the jobs she held to support her family.
This interview deals with the career of Dr. Parrish at the Louisville Municipal College and the University of Louisville. His education, background and his opinions about the economic history of blacks in Louisville were included. Dr. Parrish was the only black professor employed by the University of Louisville after integration.