African Americans--Education (Higher)

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Joe Patrick's accusation (4/27/1953) that Clement (former dean of LMC) was affiliated with 10 subversive groups, and Clement's response (4/28/1953). Patrick was affiliated with WBGE radio, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Johnson, a civil rights activist and educator focuses on Johnson's involvement in the effort to integrate the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky for blacks in Kentucky. Johnson contradicts the University of Louisville administrators by asserting that they did not voluntarily integrate as they have stated. He discusses the disparities between Louisville Municipal College and the University of Louisville. Johnson also discusses the efforts to integrate the Louisville parks system, the library system and the stores in downtown Louisville. Johnson describes his role in the defeat of Male High School principal William S. Milburn's mayoral bid against William Cowger in 1961.
Lyman Johnson remembers the integration at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, his family and personal his family and personal history, as well as his opinions of Black history in Louisville. He also discusses his teaching career and his involvement in the civil rights movement and in politics.