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Amanda Roth Black is the granddaughter of Isaac W. Bernheim, her mother being Bernheim's daughter Helen Bernheim Roth. She was born in the Bernheim house on Third Street in Louisville and primarily raised in Cincinnati. She visited her grandfather many times in Louisville and also Denver, Colorado and Coronado Beach, California.
Alice Ann Coomes joined the staff of Bernheim Forest on March 15, 1979, as the naturalist; the position she held at the time of this interview. Coomes primary responsibilities were the care and rehabilitation of animals and conducting tours and nature walks for school groups and others.
James E. Coomes is a life-long resident of the Cox's Creek area. He has been a neighbor of Bernheim Forest since its establishment.
J.W. Hatfield and his wife Marian were long time neighbors of the Bernheim Forest. Since the 1930s they witnessed the growth and development of the Forest. In the 1940s Mr. Hatfield's father traded a block land to Bernheim for a similar tract in return. A portion of the Hatfield land bordered Bernheim Forest. Mrs. Hatfield joined the interview in progress.
Henry R. Heyburn is a Louisville attorney. He joined the Bernheim Board of Trustees on October 25, 1969. He has served the two years preceding this interview as vice-president of the Board (1983-1984, 1984-1985) and following Board policy was to become president for two one-year terms later that year.
Carl Hodge is a former employee of the Bernheim Foundation at Bernheim Forest and a native of the area. He began working at Bernheim Forest in the 1930s and periodically worked there through the 1940s. Mr. Hodge worked as a full-time regular employee from May 1946 to August 18, 1951. His father was Golden Hodge, who worked at the Forest for almost forty-three years. (February 1, 1928 November 4, 1970).
Edward (Eddie) Lee Hodge was born and has lived his entire life in the area around Bernheim Forest. He has worked as a laborer and caretaker at the Forest almost since establishment. After years of periodic work at Bernheim, Mr. Hodge became a full- time employee in March 1961. Mr. Hodge switched to part-time in April 1975 and retired on April 18, 1979.
James G. Hodge was an early employee at Bernheim Forest and a native of the area. He periodically worked at Bernheim Forest from the 1930s through the 1940s. Mr. Hodge was a regular full-time employee from October 1949 to November 30, 1951. His father was Golden Hodge, who worked at Bernheim Forest for almost forty-three years (February 1, 1928 November 4, 1970).
Jake Hodge was a long-time employee of the Bernheim Foundation. He began working as a laborer at Bernheim Forest about 1930. From that time until his retirement in April 1980 (with an approximate two year break in the early 1950s) Mr. Hodge worked as a laborer, naturalist, foreman, ranger, and mechanic at the Forest. In those almost fifty years he witnessed and participated in the development of Bernheim Forest.
Clarence E. "Buddy" Hubbuch, Jr. began working at Bernheim Forest in December 1962. He joined the staff as the horticulturist, the position he held at the time of the interview. Mr. Hubbuch supervised the development of the arboretum over twenty-one years.