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James Reed Lawrence Jr. is the chief ranger at Bernheim Forest. He is also interested in the history of the Bernheim Forest area and Kentucky in general. As a result of this interest and research he has done, Mr. Lawrence has become knowledgeable about the history of the Bernheim Forest and Shepherdsville, Kentucky area.
Lawrence, Perkins and Hubbuch, who were long time employees of the Bernheim Forest, discuss their experiences related to the Bernheim Forest.
Professor Burt L. Monroe, Jr. is a teacher by vocation. He joined the faculty of the University of Louisville in 1965, and served as chair of the Department of Biology beginning in 1970. Dr. Monroe joined the Board of Trustees of the Bernheim Foundation in October 1968, replacing his father who served from 1961 until his death in May 1968. Dr. At the time of the interview, Monroe was a board member and had served two terms as vice president (1975-1977) and president (1977-1979).
Thomas D. "Tommy" Moore was a native of the Bernheim Forest area and was familiar with Bernheim since it was established. Mr. Moore began working at Bernheim Forest in January 1956 and retired in March 1980. Mr. Moore worked as a laborer in his twenty-four years at the Forest.
Russell "Pete" Perkins began working at Bernheim Forest in September 1955. He joined the staff as a laborer. Mr. Perkins has been promoted through the years and has worked a wide range of jobs. In 1978 he was promoted to supervisor of maintenance, the position he held at the time of the interview.
Thomas J. Roth is the grandson of Isaac W. Bernheim, his mother being Bernheim's daughter, Helen Bernheim Roth. Mr. Roth grew up primarily in Cincinnati, Ohio. He visited his grandfather many times in Louisville and once in Denver, Colorado.
James Snellen was a life-long resident of the Bullitt County area. He was the farm manager for the Yoe Farm in Bullitt County, which had a lengthy common boundary with Bernheim Forest. Consequently, Mr. Snellen was a long-time neighbor of Bernheim Forest.
W. Armin Willig was a Louisville businessman. He joined the Bernheim Foundation Board of Trustees in October 1970. At the time of the interview, Willig was on the Board. He also served as vice-president (1973-1975) and president (1975-1977).