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Jeff Gossett worked at the Great Harvest Bakery for approximately two and one-half years. The bakery was about three years old at the time of the interview, and had opened in 1990. Gossett has been involved in most aspects of the business from creating the product to selling it. He was not only involved in breadmaking, but several other products which were baked fresh everyday using only premium wheat from Montana, which was milled at the bakery every day.

In this interview McNealy recounts starting a farmer's market in west Louisville, growing up in Russell, Page's confectionery, time in the Army, living in California, radio career, failed and successful food services businesses, opening Pages again.

These and other interviews were conducted by the Louisville Story Program and collaboratively edited with the participants authors between 2020 and 2023. The culmination of this collaborative work is the documentary book, “If You Write Me A Letter, Send It Here: Voices of Russell in a Time of Change.” This anthology of nonfiction documents the rich layers of history and cultural heritage in the Russell area of west Louisville, a neighborhood whose history is centrally important to the Black experience in Louisville.