Bingham, Barry, 1906-1988

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The interview includes Ackerly's recollections of World War I and its influence on his career; his medical education at Yale University (MD 1925); work with the Yale Institute for Human Relations until he came to Louisville in 1933; the Louisville Child Guidance Clinic beginning in the 1930s; the development of the Dept. of Psychiatry of the University of Louisville beginning in the late 1930s; Ackerly's work with Barry Bingham, Sr. in publishing They Can be Cured (1937) with the subsequent passage of the Chandler-Wallace Act reforming Kentucky's state-supported mental hospitals; the accelerated medical training program at the University of Louisville in World War II; the advent of the Psychiatrist in Residence at the University of Louisville during the 1960s and 1970s.
Barry Bingham, Sr. provides memories of family life and history of the Courier-Journal and Louisville Times.
An interview with Barry Bingham, Sr. continuing his discussion of his work at the helm of the Courier-Journal/Times companies.
Side 1: "In Retrospect: Program I," a former conductor of the Louisville Orchestra and Dean of the School of Music at the University of Louisville interview Mary Helen Byck and Barry Bingham, Sr., regarding the Louisville Orchestra's early history. A WUOL radio program.
Mr. Runyon was employed with the Bingham papers from 1969 to present. Now editor of the Forum. This interview discusses the careers of Mr. Runyon and the two Barry Binghams and analyzes events leading to the sale of the enterprises in 1986.