Bingham, Barry, Jr., 1933-2006

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Recounts memories of working at WHAS-Radio in Louisville, Ky. from 1964-1997. Baysinger recalls his first day of work, the Bingham family, and describes the design of studios and the duties of the job.
Barry Bingham, Sr., chairman of the board of the Courier-Journal and Louisville Times, Standard Gravure Corporation, WHAS, Inc. and other Bingham enterprises.
Barry Bingham, Jr., editor and publisher of the Courier-Journal and Louisville Times discusses his upbringing, education, and experience in television prior to moving into the leadership of the newspapers. He also discusses his experiences as editor and publisher, including leading the papers through controversies, and his vision of the future of newspapers.
Recounts memories of working at WHAS-Radio in Louisville, Ky. from 1959-1984 and 2000-2012. Baysinger talks of his experiences with WHAS under the Bingham's ownership and then later of Clear Channel. Describes meeting Louis Coleman Jr. and getting his assistance in providing equal opportunity employment for the station.
Neta Evans starts the the interview by explaining how she first got involved with the Courier-Journal in 1963 by working as a secretary to Bingham Jr. Evans explains that after the Courier-Journal was sold in 1963, she went to work as a personal assistant to Bingham Jr. Throughout the interview, Evans talks about her contact with the WHAS staff, specifically Milton Metz and Brench Boden. Evans spend the remainder of the interview discussing the aftermath of the death of Worth Bingham, and the large amount of contact she had with the WHAS afterwards, until its sale.
Jack Fox starts the interview by explaining how he got interested in radio, first joining WMCW in 1960. After a few years of moving around different stations, Fox joined WHAS in 1973 as an announcer. Early in the interview, Fox takes time to remember the announcers who worked when he joined, announcers such as Wayne Perkey, Milton Metz, Jerry David Malloy, and Jeff Douglas. Throughout the interview, Fox reminisces on how different the programming of WHAS was when he was employed there. In the later parts of the interview, Fox also speaks a little about the Bingham family, and the sale of the station to Clear Channel.
Recounts memories of working at WHAS-Radio in Louisville, Ky.
Mr. Runyon was employed with the Bingham papers from 1969 to present. Now editor of the Forum. This interview discusses the careers of Mr. Runyon and the two Barry Binghams and analyzes events leading to the sale of the enterprises in 1986.
Ken Schulz started working at WHAS in 1978, and retired in 2008. Schulz initially discusses his difficulties in getting a job in his chosen specialization, meteorology. Schulz moves on to his hiring by WHAS, and his interactions with Glen Bastin and Fred Osler during the hiring process. Later on in the interview, Schulz recollects about his time spent with Wayne Perkey on Perkey's show. In the final part of the interview, Schulz shares about his chance encounter with Barry Bingham Jr.
Solomon recounts memories of working at WHAS-Radio in Louisville, Ky. from 1966-1999. Solomon discusses his career in sales, starting the FM WHAS classical station, going on sales calls with Barry Bingham, Jr. and the transition from the Bingham ownership to Clear Channel.