Brandeis, Louis Dembitz, 1856-1941

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Born in Louisville and a long-time associate of the Jewish Community Federation and its predecessor, the Louisville Conference of Jewish Organizations, Judah discusses a variety of Jewish families, organizations, and activities with which he has been involved. Topics include the Abraham, Judah, Klamber, Flexner, Popper, and Greenebaum families; Justice Louis D. Brandeis, Blanche Ottengeimer, Charles Morris, Louis Cohen, Lewis W. Cole, Sidney Handmaker, Stuart Handmaker, Rabbi Gittleman, Dr. Joseph Rauch, Minna D. Cole, and Ruth Morris; the Conference of Jewish Organizations and the Jewish Community Federation, various Jewish neighborhoods, changes in the Jewish Community Federation's activities, and the Federation's endowment fund.
Tachau discusses his grandparents; his parents Charles Tachau and Jean Brandeis Tachau; his father's insurance business, E.S. Tachau and Sons; the Depression of the 1930s in Louisville; his father's relationship with United States Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis; and the efforts of Brandeis and Tachau to assemble a World War I history collection at the University of Louisville. Tachau also discusses his childhood, education at Oberlin College, civic and business interests, Red Cross Hospital, and the civil rights movement in Louisville.