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Main Street Association - Belknap Hardware
John Houchens relates the flood with his life and his teaching days at the Speed Scientific School at the University of Louisville. The University was surrounded by water but it was mostly confined to the basements of the buildings.
An interview conducted while walking around the Brennan House. Interviewer Carl Ryant, with Walter Langsam and Thelma Dolan. This interview provides a look at one of Louisville's finely-preserved houses as seen through its architecture.
The "Turret House" at 225 Kennedy Avenue. Locklear discusses the history of the house and the attempt by local residents to save it from demolition after the tornado of 1974.
Logan, a well-known local banker and owner of the Whitehall Estate, takes a walking tour through the house and discusses the history of the building and its furnishings.
Charles Schumann relates the concerns of the Corp of Engineers before the flood and the problems they were faced with after the flood. Some of the problems they faced were the damage to buildings, area involved and dollar value of destruction.
Main Street Association - retired vice-president of Hillerich and Bradsby; gives a colorful background history of the company from the late 19th century until the present.