Camp Taylor (Louisville, Ky.)

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The narrator was born and raised in the Camp Taylor area. Born Irene Beckman , her family had a truck garden on Bickel (now Durrett) Lane. They were evicted when the land was purchased for Camp Zachary Taylor neighborhood.
The narrator was born and raised on a farm on Illinois Avenue. Her family had to move when Camp Zachary Taylor was constructed. She has resided in the Camp Taylor area her whole life.
Helen Beyerle lived in the Camp Taylor area before, during, and after the establishment of Camp Zachary Taylor. She remembers visiting the military camp and was an early resident of Camp Taylor neighborhood.
The narrator visited the Camp Taylor neighborhood often as a child and is very knowledgeable about the transportation that served that area and Louisville.
Calvert, who was quite familiar with the Camp Taylor area, discusses his memories of that area with a particular emphasis on early transportation.
Ruth Cassell lived in the Camp Zachary Taylor area and had family members stationed at the Camp. She would occasionally visit the Camp.
A video interview with Marie (Catherine Dietrich) Cassidy who at the time of the interview was 100 years old. She recounts her family's experience opening a restaurant in Camp Taylor in 1917, her schooling at the Louisville Girls School, UofL, entertainment spots such as Rose Island Park and Turner's Society, and a long-distance biking trip in Southern Indiana in the early 1940's with three other Louisville women. Cassidy studied and taught international folk dancing.
The narrator is the daughter of the first teacher and principal of Camp Taylor neighborhood in 1921. She has continued to live almost her whole life in Camp Taylor.
The narrator lived on a farm that bordered on Camp Zachary Taylor. He remembers the Camp and soldiers and the early Camp Taylor neighborhood.
The narrator visited Camp Zachary Taylor and following the Camp's sale, his family built a house in Camp Taylor neighborhood.