Camp Taylor (Louisville, Ky.)

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The narrator has been a resident of the Camp Taylor area since 1937. She still lives in the house she and her husband had built on Union Avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Gruneisen both grew up in the area of Camp Zachary Taylor. In addition to remembering the Camp they were also early residents of the Camp Taylor neighborhood.
The narrator worked for local express offices. In that capacity he traveled to both Camp Zachary Taylor and the Camp Taylor neighborhood. He also recalls life in turn of the century Louisville and the German Catholic Community.
Robert Hujo was born and raised in the Camp Zachary Taylor area. His family owned and operated a truck farm adjacent to the Camp.
The Kernen family owned and operated a store at the corner of Preston and Clarks Lane, on the northern edge of Camp Zachary Taylor. Frank Kernen worked at the store and made deliveries in the area.
The narrator's father was part owner in a store on Preston St. across from the entrance to Camp Zachary Taylor. Mr. Owen worked at the store.
The narrator was raised in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood near Camp Zachary Taylor. He remembers the Camp, soldiers and the area in general.
The narrator was born, raised , and still living in the family home on Poplar Level Road. The Schoening property bordered on the south of Camp Zachary Taylor.
The narrator frequently visited the Camp Zachary Taylor and lived for many years in the Camp Zachary Taylor neighborhood.
Allen Vogelsberg moved to the Camp Zachary Taylor are immediately following the closing of the Camp. He has lived in the Camp Taylor neighborhood ever since.