Child welfare

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The first executive director of the newly emerged Family and Children's Agency discusses his efforts to unify the two staffs and boards and changes in the agency's program during his tenure, 1959-1965.
Board member of FSO and CA, social worker for CA, and first woman president of the board of F&CA 1964- 1966, recalls Chevlin era, merger, tensions, advocacy function of F&CA since 1970's, beginning of client fees, changes in program, relations with the Un
Executive Director (HS) and Director of Training (AL) discuss evolution of present program of F&CA, primarily structural family therapy employing video taping techniques, and other developments since they joined the agency in 1965. Additional information
Levy recalls his recollections of more than twenty years on the board of the Family and Children's Agency in Louisville, KY
Bookkeeper and Controller of Family Service Organization and Family and Children's Agency (1922-1969) describes four directors she served, business aspects of the agencies, the merger, relief-giving in the 1930's. Additional information in the file
Caseworker for Children's Agency and FSO, who was Casework Supervisor when she retired in 1973, discusses evolution of social work since the 1930's, both agencies and the difficulties of the merger in 1959, as well as the styles and personalities of sever
First President of the new Family and Children's Agency and former member of board of Children's Agency describes the merger and relocation of the agency during his term, especially the financing of the new building and relations with the Community Chest
Tachau discusses her work with Planned Parenthood and Child Welfare in Louisville and Kentucky. She also reflects on the life of her uncle, Justice Louis Brandeis. The focus of the interview is from 1900 -1929.
Longtime director of Family Service Organization (1929-1959) discussed role of agency as relief giver in the Great Depression, shift to family counseling in the 1940's, events leading to merger with Children's Agency in 1959. Also touches on FSO's role i