College administrators

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Dean Cronholm discusses her student and faculty days at the University of Louisville (BA 1962; PhD 1967; assistant professor in the Biology department, part-time, 1969, full-time, 1973). Also discusses her tenure as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.
The former Dean of Libraries at the University of Louisville discusses his career prior to coming to Louisville, as well as developments in the University of Louisville library system while he served as head from 1971 until 1982.
Ekstrom discusses state affiliation at a time when he was serving as Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Louisville.
The former Vice President for Financial Affairs discusses his career at the University of Louisville, with special emphasis on the period since the university entered the state system of higher education.
Houchens, Director of the Division of Academic Services, Emeritus, of the University of Louisville, tells of his formative years, educational background, career and experiences at the University.
O'Sullivan's impressions of Vietnam. O'Sullivan is the chairperson of the political science department of the University of Louisville.
The former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences discusses developments at the University of Louisville, primarily during his deanship from 1974 until 1977.