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Discusses Schenley Industries, cooperage issues, and the distilling industry in general; Kleier was the former cooperage manager/superintendent for Schenley and Ancient Age Distillers.
Interview concerns distilling and cooperage aspects of the industry, with special attention to the Schenley Company and Ancient Age Distillery; also discusses large vs. small distillers and brand predictions and marketing.
Meeks, of Independent Stave Company, Lebanon, Kentucky discusses the cooperage industry, from both the independent side and from the distiller's view; he is a past official with the Cooperage Association and talks about that industry group. He also worked for Seagrams.
Walker discusses his personal history in conjunction with his long career in the distillery business. The focus of the interview is on the Old Yellowstone Distillery, cooperage and union issues.
With Blue Grass Cooperage; discusses the cooperage aspects of distilling, pricing of materials and technology needed in that industry; also talks about regulation of cooperage.