Disc jockeys

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Recounts memories of working at WHAS-Radio in Louisville, Ky. from 1976-1980. Burbank describes his experiences being an rock & roll DJ, how and why he left, as well as the people he worked with and characters used on his program "Snow Sharks."
Wayne Perkey began working in radio at WBIR in Tennessee. Later he moved to Louisville, Ky. and worked at WHAS-Radio. Perkey talks about the people he worked with, the Bingham Corporation, and the radio's nickname as "the cuddly giant."
John Polk worked with the WHAS starting in 1976. John Polk first starts by discussing his employment at radio stations like WBKY, WASTM, WIDC, NAP, before starting his employment at HAS. John discusses how he first started in the WHAS, subbing for people like Wayne Perky, Jack Fox, and Barney Arnold. John Polk discusses the creativity and successes of the WHAS, like their reporting of the 1974 tornado, or their many popular characters and skits.