Distilling industries--Kentucky

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Mr. Brown is chairman of the board of Brown-Forman, retired. He discusses family background, his own positions held in the company; financing of distillers in the 1930s, regulations of the industry; and marketing of distilled spirits.
Pat Carroll, machine operator for Brown-Forman, began employment with them in 1949. Had worked in the bottling house; talks about job clusters; also a little about being a woman in the industry.
Cecil, production manager, Maker's Mark, Loretto, Kentucky, discusses previous days at Maker's Mark, 1937 to the change of ownership.
Coleman was Brown-Forman advertising head and recently-retired BF Spirits division board chairman. Discusses early work with Seagrams and Schenleys; B-Fs Lennox acquisition; marketing in control states vs. open states; regional tastes in spirits; building a brand image.
Mr. Corcoran discusses the founding of the business Matt P. Corcoran Co. He speaks of the copper and brass smithing industry and alcohol taxes, and a mash-cooling patent that the company was unable to receive. Included are memories of his father and grandfather.
Crimmins, a longtime Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Commissioner, currently serves as Jefferson County ABC Administrator; discusses city and county politics, the ABC boards jurisdictions, and the Fair Trade Law and its impact.
Dailey is president of the Kentucky Distillers Association. He discusses the association, the Kentucky Fair Trade Law; Governor Chandler and the production tax; proposed legislation; and problems of the industry and their solutions.
Dorsey was senior vice president and executive director of finance and management information service for Brown-Forman, beginning in 1935. He is now retired. Discussion centers on financing of company, stock issues; Kentucky's state production tax on whiskey; advertising rates, pensions; and the 1956 Jack Daniel's acquisition.
Duncan, a barrel handler, Brown-Forman, talks about the duties of the positions he has held with B-F, the labor union at B-F and his duties as shop steward.
Dupps, an engineer with Schenley Distillers and with their Dickle plant in Tennessee, discusses Tennessee vs. Kentucky whiskeys, Brown-Forman's acquisition of Jack Daniel's, the Dickle "process." Also mentions Lou Rosensteil.