Distilling industries--Kentucky

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Luckett, a truck driver with Brown-Forman, describes his job, the changes which have taken place, and unions.
Interview concerns distilling and cooperage aspects of the industry, with special attention to the Schenley Company and Ancient Age Distillery; also discusses large vs. small distillers and brand predictions and marketing.
Miles, assistant manager, Maker's Mark, Loretto, Kentucky, discusses his own job; effects of Maker's Mark on the community; and future of bourbon industry.
Mr. Morehead, is a retired advertising executive from Brown-Forman. He talks about the "old" days from 1931 on and his friendship with the Brown family. He also discusses his career in the advertising department.
Mr. Moreman is the chief counsel for Brown-Forman. He discusses legal changes in the industry, patents, and the industry's position with congress.
Mudd, head of quality control, Maker's Mark, Loretto, Kentucky, discusses his life and job.
Nally, employee in warehouse, Maker's Mark, Loretto, Kentucky, discusses his career at Maker's Mark and loyalty of workers.
Bobby Nash discusses his days in the advertising department of Glenmore Distillery. He also talks of the days of opposition to television, Heublein-Smirnoff, political figures, and bootlegging and events up to the 1980s.
Neal, a mechanic with Brown-Forman, talks about the different jobs he has done in the plant; also discusses women, blacks, and labor unions.
Noe, vice president and master distiller, Jim Beam Distillery, gives a history of the company, discusses financing, bottle types, automation, and management changes and their effects. A fourth tape is a copy of a Jim Beam Company audio-visual presentation.