Family History

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Family history in Louisville, Kentucky. Locations mentioned included Gray Street and Holy Spirit Church. Additional information and photographs in the file.
Personal history and an account of the growth of the art therapy movement.
Barr describes his youth spent in Detroit, Michigan; work as part of the Civilian Conservation Corps; his thirty-eight years as a General Motors employee; his retirement; and activities at Senior House. Part of a pilot study on oral history and gerontolo
History of the Bender family. Interview between Cindy and Norma Jean Grewing Bender.
The narrator discusses Jeffersontown, Kentucky; the death of her brother in World War II; her experiences at Louisville Girls' High School; traveling to Florida during the 1920's; her marriage and the births of her four children as a single parent; workin
Family History.
Block discusses his experiences with the W.P.A., the National Youth Administration and the Merchant Service at a time when the Seaman's Act was introduced.
Family History
Family History.
Broaddus discusses the genealogy of the Hancock family; her memories of the 1918 influenza epidemic; the first World War; the introduction of the Model T Ford and silent movies; the Lindbergh flight; and the Depression.