Family histories

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Leonard Abraham discusses the history of his family in Kentucky, the neighborhoods he grew up in around Louisville and some of the Jewish-owned businesses in town.
Dr. Ackerly discusses his family history and experiences in World War I. Restrictions: Joint ownership vested in the University of Lousville Foundation and Dr. William C. Ackerly
The narrator describes his life as a Cherokee medicine man on a reservation in North Carolina.
Family history in Louisville, Kentucky. Locations mentioned included Gray Street and Holy Spirit Church. Additional information and photographs in the file.
Mrs. Antonini discusses her family's life during the Great Depression.
Ashby, who was the superintendent of the Atlanta Division on the L&N Railroad, is interviewed about the following topics: his family's background in railroading, railroad passenger service, railroad terms and positions, the structure of a railroad, railroad costs and a short history of the L&N Railroad.
Urban Axman is a 50-year-old white man who was a long-time resident of the Parkland area (1927-1959). He grew up in the first graduation class of Flaget High School in 1945. He discusses his family history, boyhood years and remembrances of the Parkland area. He noted the impact of church membership and social gatherings in the area.
A University of Louisville English professor discusses his family history (Ohio County) and some of the folk songs of the region.
Dorothy Barr describes her youth and marriage in Detroit, Michigan. Although her husband's job entailed numerous moves around the central United States, Mrs. Barr has spent the last nineteen years of her life in Louisville. She discusses her children.
Barr describes his youth spent in Detroit, Michigan; work as part of the Civilian Conservation Corps; his thirty-eight years as a General Motors employee; his retirement; and activities at Senior House. Part of a pilot study on oral history and gerontology.