Farm life

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Batchelder discusses her childhood memories and her family who were upper-middle class farmers.
Beers discusses folk recreation and his life in rural Central Kentucky in Carlisle and Winchester.
Beers discusses her life as a child on a farm in Mclean County, Kentucky, and her later life in Owensboro, Kentucky.
Interview with a farmer.
The narrators discuss their life on a farm in Washington County, Kentucky from the depression to the present.
Sister Mary Clement Greenwell discusses her childhood on a farm in Daviess County, Kentucky; her education; her decision to enter religious order; her years as an elementary school teacher; and her present work with the elderly at St. Boniface Church.
Nancy Jones shares her experiences growing up on a farm in Madison, Indiana, during World War II. She discusses the impact of the war on her family and community, including the rationing of goods, the absence of her brothers who were drafted, and the changes in her town due to the war effort. Jones also talks about her school experiences, her family's involvement in the church, and the impact of the war on her childhood.
The narrator discusses her life on a Kentucky farm.
Interview summary and transcript available. Interview regarding Benny Perry's life history and his work as a tenant farmer in Owen County, KY. No audio for the interview survives but there is a full transcript.
Mrs. Richardson discusses her early life on a farm in Kentucky and Illinois and her life during the Depression. Interview encompasses the years 1900-WW II.