Flood and Natural Disasters

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The Louisville Flood of 1937. Newton relates his first-hand experience of the flood.
Mr. Schumann relates the concerns of the Corp of Engineers before the flood and the problems they were faced with after the flood. Some of the problems they faced were the damage to buildings, area involved and dollar value of destruction. He also tells
Ms. Sexton discusses Louisville's 1974 Tornado and its aftermath in the Northfield subdivision.
Mr. Smoot lived in Anchorage, Kentucky at the time of the flood and his family owned a drug store at 22nd and Broadway. A picture of the articles that were stolen from the drug store is included in the summary. He vividly describes the water and mud rel
Mr. Whitehead was a student in high school at the time of the flood and recalls not being able to finish his paper route because of the flood. He remembers refugees in the warehouses around U of L, unloading bags of grain at the Reynolds Building, and th