Fort Knox (Ky.)

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A narrative by an individual who interviewed several others about their experiences in the military and at Fort Knox. Sergeant First Class Buono talks about enlisting in 1973, to enter immediately after high school. He was initially trained in law enforcement, and was assigned to the 320th Bomb Wing. He volunteered for and participated in Operation Baby Lift during the evacuation of Saigon. He discusses other assignments and training he received, leading up to his work as an instructor with the 3/100 at Fort Knox.
Interview with unit administrator for the 3/100 training detachment at Fort Knox. Carpenter was drafted in 1972, and spent three years in active duty, after which he briefly left the service. He joined the reserves and eventually began serving as a unit administrator with the 410 Signal Company in Junction City, Wisconsin, in 1980. In 1982 he was transferred to the 100th Training Group. He discusses the Group's mission and what they teach.
Interview with Master Sergeant John C. Quigle. Quigle joined the Army in 1971 and served tours in Germany and Korea. He then entered the reserves, and held an active guard reserve (AGR) position. He discusses these experiences. He was intereviewed at Fort Knox.
Interview with reserve officer assigned to the 3/100 training detachment at Fort Knox. Urban was the only woman serving in this unit at the time of her interview, and was reportedly reluctant to speak about "certain items," although she does characterize the unit as "relaxed" and reports that sexual harrassment is not an issue there.