Hamilton, Ed, 1947-

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Louisville native Elmer Lucille Allen discusses growing up attending African American schools and later working in mostly white environments. She worked at Brown Forman for 31 years. She didn't begin working as an artist until she attended art classes at UofL in 1981. Allen also mentions her connections to the Louisville Art Workshop and years spent travelling with sculptor Ed Hamilton along with her photographer husband.
Louisville sculptor Ed Hamilton talks about his upbringing as the adopted son of a tailor (father) and barber (mother). He discusses the influential moments he had attending different schools and the teachers who encouraged him to pursue art. He attended art school at UofL and became involved with the Louisville Art Workshop. He formed a particularly close bond with G.C. Coxe who acted as a mentor and friend. A pivotal moment in Hamilton's life occurred when he met sculptor Barney Bright and began to work as his apprentice. He notes this time as being transitory, and afterwards, opportunities began to open up. He eventually achieved international recognition, sculpting pieces such as The Spirit of Freedom in Washington, D.C.