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Mr. Sherman, president of Vendome Copper & Brass Works discusses the foundation of the company. He also talks about other distilleries and the different 'cycles' that evolved.
Smith is a local (Louisville) wholesaler; he discusses the history of his changes in drinking habits, and gives reasons for decline in distributorships; also talks about the fair trade laws and their effect.
Smith, retired president, and chairman of the board, Jack Daniel's Distillery, discusses the industry in general and Jack Daniel's in particular. He talks at length about the Brown-Forman purchase of Jack Daniel's; also goes into production costs, competition, and management styles.
George W. Sonntag, Jr. was formerly Brown-Forman field sales and "control states" specialist. He talks about marketing of distilled spirits in general and more specifically in control states vs. open states; changes in proof; industry self-regulation and training for sales force.
Dr. Spanyer began with Brown-Forman as a chemist in 1936; notes changes in laboratories and distilling methods; research into new products and uses of by-products; discusses the chemistry of distilling.
Covers the distilling industry in general and Barton Brands in particular. Mr. Svihovec is a chemist and has administered the laboratory for Barton's for many years; he also talks about the history of whiskey.
Thomas, director of the laboratory at Brown-Forman distillers, emphasizes the chemistry-laboratory issues of the industry; talks about quality control, whiskey maturation; also discusses unionization and personnel issues.
Mrs. Thomas, "forelady" of bottlers at Maker's Mark, Loretto, Kentucky, discusses her career and family life.
Colonel Thompson, former president of Glenmore Distilleries, discusses the Prohibition era, Colonel Taylor, Green River Whiskey and various other notable figures in the distillery business. He also talks about the Kentucky distilling industry in general. Tape II is mysteriously blank.
Thompson, Chairman of the Board of Glenmore Distillery, discusses the history of his company, company management, and distilling in general.