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Tuggle, executive director, Kentucky Wholesale Dealers Association talks about fair trade laws, how one comes to be a wholesaler, the relationship between the Wholesale Association and the co-ops and chain distributors, and legislation concerning the industry.
Louisvillian Pat Updegraff recalls her family history, childhood and education in Louisville�s Highlands, and her father, Frank Ropke, a local judge and Commonwealth�s Attorney. She also discusses an extended trip to visit relatives in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, the blossoming of her love for modern languages at the University of Louisville (Class of 1942), her involvement in the formative years of the Louisville Youth Orchestra (1960s), her role in the fight to save the Women�s Club houses in Old Louisville (1970s), and a family fire brick business in Grahn and Louisville, Kentucky.
Wadell, Brown-Forman's Director of Statistics and Marketing talks about the distilling industry in general and operations at Brown-Forman. Also talks about DISCUS and its research effort.
Walker discusses his personal history in conjunction with his long career in the distillery business. The focus of the interview is on the Old Yellowstone Distillery, cooperage and union issues.
Warns was a lawyer with Seagrams Distillery from 1939 to 1941; he talks about his work in personnel and industrial relations; labor law as it applies to the distilling industry; and gives his view of the Wilkie family and Fred Wilkie in particular; Warns is currently a professor of law at the University of Louisville.
Concerns the distilling industry, including information regarding the American Medicinal Spirits Company and National Distillers; also discusses the distillers' role during World War II and Kentucky's whisky production tax.
A glossary of racetrack terms and a time index are included. Mr. Watkins is a trainer and he relates what life is like on the backstretch. Superstitions, remedies, and his views and memories are discussed.
With Blue Grass Cooperage; discusses the cooperage aspects of distilling, pricing of materials and technology needed in that industry; also talks about regulation of cooperage.