Isaac W. Bernheim Foundation

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IW Burnham, II is the grandson of Isaac W. Bernheim. He was very close to his grandfather and was associated with him on a business as well as personal level. Burnham was an early member of both the Isaac W. Bernheim Foundation and Isaac W. Bernheim Trust. He served as the Trust investment advisor beginning in 1935. Under his attention and expertise it did very well. Burnham served as a trustee of both the Bernheim Foundation and Trust at the time of this interview. He was the honorary chair of the board and director of the investment firm of Drexel, Burnham, Lambert, Inc., and Drexel, Burnham, Lambert Group.
Chiles, who became involved with the Isaac W. Bernheim Foundation in 1970, discusses his personal history and his experiences with the Bernheim Foundation.
Lewis D. Cole was the grand-nephew of Isaac W. Bernheim through the latter’s half-sister Sarah. Mr. Cole was a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. His family had both a personal and business relationship with I. W. Bernheim. This interview deals with Cole' early life, relationship with I.W. Bernheim and the Bernheim Foundation.
Henning Hilliard joined the Bernheim Foundation board in the early 1970s. He served as vice president of the Foundation (1981-83), president (1983-1985), and continued to serve on the Foundation board and as trustee of the Bernheim Trust. He retired in November 1987 from the brokerage firm of Hilliard Lyons. The interview discusses his life, education and military service, his work as a trustee of the Foundation and president, and his role in the directions of the Foundation and in other areas such as the Louisville Orchestra.
Charles King "Mac" McClure III joined the staff of the Isaac W. Bernheim Foundation in 1971 as the Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer. His initial duties concerned the Friends of Bernheim program and fund drive. Mr. McClure gradually and steadily rose in the organization. He was Robert Paul's (the Foundation's long time Executive Director) assistant for many years and was being groomed to take his place when he retired. Mr. McClure was named Executive Director in 1982.
Ira J. Mitchell is the retired vice president of the Cave Hill Cemetery Company and one of the Louisville area's leading horticulturists. Mr. Mitchell joined the Isaac W. Bernheim Foundation Board of Trustees on June 13, 1964. He served two one-year terms as vice president of the board (1966-1967, 1967-1968) and two one-year terms as president (1968-1969, 1969-1970) in addition to being a regular Board member. He retired from active participation on the Board in November 1977 and was elected an honorary Life Trustee.
Hallie Paul is the widow of Robert Paul, Isaac Bernheim's longtime personal secretary and executive secretary and director of the Bernheim Foundation. Hallie and Robert Paul met in Colorado and were married in approximately 1930. Mrs. Paul knew Mr. Bernheim and was associated with Bernheim Forest almost from the beginning. At the time of the interview, her memory had begun to fail.
William P. Tate joined the Board of Trustees of the Isaac W. Bernheim Foundation in May, 1949. Mr. Tate served several one-year terms as president of the Board (1956-1958, 1970-1973) as well as serving on numerous committees. He retired as an active member in May 1981 but was appointed a life trustee.