Jewish Community Center (Louisville, Ky.)

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A Boston native, Feldbaum moved to New Albany and then to Louisville in 1909. Her family was from Grodna, Russia. She married in Boston in 1908. She and her husband were Louisville grocery owners till 1924. She remembers Jewish life and geographical distribution; Jewish merchants; synagogues; cemetery; Herman Straus Department store; the Depression years; the Young Men's Hebrew Association and Blanche Mitchell; dances; building the Jewish Community Center; the "Snack Bar"; swim teams; beauty contests; center clubs; Jerry Abramson; AZA (Aleph Zadik Aleph) Conventions.
Joe Fineman was a native of Chester, West Virginia. In 1954-1956 he served in the Army at Ft. Knox, and he came to Louisville in 1957. He was attracted to Louisville by its active Jewish community. He describes his personal involvement in community, including the Jewish Community Center's "Couples Club" (1956-57). He remembers Joe Kaplan, Norbert Friedman, Arthur Kling, Sam Steinfeld, Aaron Schreiber, Jewish Community Center Clubs and centennial.
Kaplan discusses his family, the Louisville Hebrew School, the Young Men's Hebrew Association, and the Jewish Community Center.
Margot Kling's parents were Hilda and Adolph Preis. They were born in Frankfort, Germany; father decided early after Hitler came to power that it was time to leave. They travelled to the U.S. on the Queen Mary when she was 10, and settled in Louisville. She talks about working at Kentucky Dairies in the summer. She also discusses Helena Weiss, Adolph Weiss, Else and Gunther Eichhorn, Louis Mann and Mother, H.J. Wolff, and Hermine Wolff, Palmer Marcus, Laurence Koch, Ronetta Mayer, Sylvia Pardnes, Clara Wasserman Rowe, Annette Russman. She discusses meeting her husband at Camp Tall Trees, and college. She recalls the fundraising to build the Jewish Community Center, Temple Shalom, Hadassah (Betty Ades), Gita Comer, JSSA Board - 3 generations, deeply involved Temple Shalom.
Delores Levy discusses her father, Edward Shaikun, who was from Trokai in Russia. (Trokai was a resort, about 30 miiles from Vilna.) Her mother's family, Alec and Esther Lerner, were from White Russia; her mother was Eugenia Sophie Lerner Shaikun. Her siblings: Dian, Lester Shaikun, Elizabeth Weinberg, Delores, Sandy Zelony, Arnold Shaikun. She discusses the Depression, moving back to Greenburg, with Adath Jeshurun, University of Kentucky, the Jewish Community Center, and family, Udel Barry and Sheila Suebold, Michael Gerald, Sue Daniels, Jacob Edward, and Ira Richard.
The narrator discusses work with the United Services Organizations (USO), the Jewish Welfare Board, the Young Men's Hebrew Association, and the Jewish Community Center; such individuals as Charles W. Morris, Morris Simon, and Louis Coleman; and the current program of the Jewish Community Center.
Weisberg was born in 1942 to Charles and Marion Weisberg, who were both born in Louisville. His grandparents were Clara Hyman, Alec and Rebecca Bierman, Sam Weisberg and Mil. Earliest recollections are of Barret Avenue. He also recalls Resnick AZA (Aleph Zadik Aleph) - father, advisor; Young Men's Hebrew Association; schooling (at Fern Creek High there were only eight Jewish people); Hebrew School; Jewish Community Center, which was an integral part in life of his time.