Jewish Hospital (Louisville, Ky.)

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Alex Berman, a Louisville native, recalls family immigration, reasons for immigration, and European conditions. His parents were Meyer Berman of Covna and Esther Spindler of Grodna, Poland. He discusses associated families such as Goldsmith, Fink, Schuster, Sher Askenaz, Frehling, Mandel, Banshek (St. Louis), Goldberg, Bornstein, Goc, Arthur Kling, Israel and Zehavi Naamani. He describes Louisville merchants in 1912; family life; traditions; the University of Louisville in 1929; Market Street; 4th and Hill Streets; neighborhood stables; Ali Bornstein, builder; Ohio River's importance; Young Men's Hebrew Association; Jewish Hospital; Louis Hebrew School; Jewish Professionals; the Haymarket; Demolay for Boys; Congregations. Tape 2: Discusses Rabbi Zarchy; Rabbi Madlebaum 1940 - as president Kennesseth; World War II; B'nai B'rith; the 1937 flood; shabbat; Four Courts.
Louise Flarsheim discusses local Jewish organizations, individuals, and neighborhoods. Topics include the Jewish Hospital, the Byck family, Adath Israel congregation, the Young Men's Hebrew Association, recollections of World Wars I and II, the Standard Club, the Council of Jewish Women, antisemitism, Jewish assimilation, and the Jewish Debutante's Ball.
Harry Jackson Klein discusses his father, a Latvian rabbi; his early education under his father; growing up around the corner of First and Walnut Street; high school education at Louisville Male; going to work at eighteen as a salesman; various business enterprises; World War II when he directed Louisville's Office of Price Administration; and wartime work in gas rationing and scrap metal drives. Klein concludes with recollections of his work in the Jewish community, including the building of Jewish Hospital and reflections on how the community has changed during this lifetime.