Johnson, Lyman T., 1906-1997

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Mr. Johnson discusses his experiences as a school board member in Jefferson County.
Former board member and civil rights activist talks about Louisville public libraries.
Lyman Johnson remembers the integration at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, his family and personal his family and personal history, as well as his opinions of Black history in Louisville. He also discusses his teaching career and his involvement in the civil rights movement and in politics.
This interview was conducted shortly after Mr. Johnson had been elected to Jefferson County School Board from the First District and is a continuation of the series done by Ms. Monsour on Mr. Johnson's long civil rights career in Louisville. The discussion centers on riots and civil rights demonstrations in Louisville.
Lyman Johnson describes the early struggles of Blacks to obtain higher education and his involvement in desegregation of schools public accommodations, open housing and many others.
Lyman Johnson describes his background, education, teaching career and involvement in the integration of the Louisville schools.